Welcome to my little sanctuary where hopefully you’ll find some useful bits of information from the places I’ve been, including everything from food to fashion & all the random bits in between.

I created this blog to share, so that’s what I’ll do… My passion for travel is far more than just collecting stamps in my passport. Both my parents passed away really young & neither of them had ever been on a plane. So, for me getting to see as many places as I can is not just about a bucket list… it’s about living a reality that I never thought was possible growing up. The same reality that let me travel to six continents in 2016.

When it’s all said & done, when the last sip of sangria has been drunk, when the last speck of beach sand has been washed away, when the last flight has landed, when the last step has been taken & when there are no more likes to rack up on the Instagram post, all you’re really left with are the memories & what good is it if you can’t share that with others?

So here goes.

P.s. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t globe girl!